Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Decibel premiere new video for 'Bed of Ashes' by Austin psych rockers Sweat Lodge | Debut album Talismana out this August on Ripple Music

Watch the new video for 'Bed of Ashes' here - http://decibelmagazine.com/blog/2015/7/17/video-premiere-sweat-lodge-bed-of-ashes Talismana by Sweat Lodge will be released on 7th August 2015 on Ripple Music

“Roll one, light up, and do as Sweat Lodge would do: Burn it slow and take it in.”
Consequence of Sound

This August, Ripple Music are releasing Talismana, the long-awaited debut album from one of America’s most exciting and downright badass psychedelic metal bands, Sweat Lodge.

Charged by Consequence of Sound earlier in the year with the task of turning in one of the ‘Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2015,’ the Austin, TX outfit have made good on their promise with a record that delivers more than you could possibly ever ask from it. Pillaging and plundering some of the most explosive eras of hard rock, heavy psychedelia and proto-metal with a conviction and execution rarely found this side of the millennium; in short, Sweat Lodge’s potential is one that knows no bounds.

Seizing on the southern grooves of Fu Manchu, Saint Vitus and the blues-driven majesty of 70s legends Mountain and fellow Texans ZZ Top, across Talismana – riff after punishing riff, howl after soulful howl – the vintage sound of rock ‘n’ roll reigns supreme, sparked through an engine of uncompromising youth. As anyone who witnessed the band’s debut TV appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly a few months back will testify, charismatic front man and vocalist Cody Lee Johnston’s ability to bring it on home is hypnotic. Backed by the gnarled bass fuzz of Austin Shockley, the Bonham-esque drum play of Caleb Dawson and guitar interplay of Javier Gardea and Dustin Anderson, the band has been unstoppable this year and with Talismana they have delivered an essential record for fans of the genre.

Talismana by Sweat Lodge will be released on 7th August through Ripple Music 

Sweat Lodge:

Cody Lee Johnston (Vocals)
Caleb Dawson (Drums)
Javier Gardea (Guitars)
Austin Shockley (Bass)
Dustin Anderson (Guitar) 

Sweat Lodge on Facebook | Bandcamp 

Day of the Shred Festival to Light Up Southern California November 1

Dia de los Muertos-themed Concert Event to Feature Performances from Captain Beyond, Spirit Caravan, Crowbar, John Garcia, Mondo Generator, Torche and More

 This fall, The Day of the Shred Festival returns to Southern California, presenting a diverse lineup of heavy music acts. Billed as an experience "to gather the living and remember the dead", The Day of the Shred will take place on November 1 (Dia de los Muertos) in Santa Ana, CA. Celebrating monolithic riffs, skateboarding and the souls of the departed, the second annual festival  will be an all day, all ages event. Presented by Thief – also the creators of the annual Psycho California Festival -- The Day of the Shred will feature headliners Captain Beyond, Spirit Caravan, Crowbar, Torche, John Garcia (of Kyuss fame), Elder, Saviours, Mondo Generator and more.

   Tickets for the 2015 Day of the Shred Festival are on sale now at this location. Early bird general admission tickets are $59 (+ tax) and a limited VIP ticket package (which includes express entry, a signed festival screen print, access to the artist lounge, complimentary microbrew and snacks, a limited edition record bag and an exclusive Thief X Obey concert shirt) is also available.
What: Day of the Shred Fest 2015
Where: The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA
Time: 2PM - 2AM
 The just-announced lineup for The Day of the Shred 2015 is as follows:

   Stay tuned in to The Day of the Shred Fest via the Facebook event page and follow THE DAY OF THE SHRED on social media:
   Facebook: /DayoftheShred
   Instagram: @ThiefPresents

Monday, July 27, 2015

Carousel – 2113

So here I sit once again scrambling to find time to pump out some recommendations. I sit here pedaling on the stationary bike at my neighborhood gym after a 10 hour workday on a Friday afternoon while the Food Network simmers above on the TV screen plucking at my iPhone like a wife with her head cut off. This is my time to shine, meaning the small window I have during the day to dedicate to listening to the best rock and roll you're not listening to. Today the ear candy is brought to me via the amazing new album by the retro heavy rockers Carousel. 2113 is the number and/or year of the album, being their sophomore output. I've been struggling to keep this off my iPod all week long. A lot like my last review of Freedom Hawk's Into Your Mind, the wow factor is high and my exercise bike routine times out much too quick. Time flies when you're having fun right?

Anyway, about the album, Carousel has utterly blown my mind with the infectious riffs on display here. "Trouble" kicks the album off and is just that if your idea of trouble is screaming riffage fronted by sinisterly sexy vocals and flaming dual guitar solos. The tempo is hard and fast and the attitude is all party. Not unlike their debut album, Jeweler’s Daughter, the guitars are loud, precise, and intense, and the vocals belt out a harmony that will welt your ass cheeks like the whip of Grandpa’s belt.

“Photograph” snaps into a bass heavy rhythm displaying the smoky combination of lead and backup vocals swirling with Thin Lizzy-esque strokes of the battle axe. For guitar fans this is another must-have album to add to this year’s collection. It'd fit nice right next to Freedom Hawk or even Valkyrie or Black Star Riders latest records. The dual guitar threat always gets me, paired perfectly against the deep rumbling drum blasts. Guitarist Matt Goldsborough of Pentagram/The Skull fame has joined the team for 2113, which is perhaps one reason the chops sound so awesome!

Chalked full of melodic chorus lines and smooth as silk backing vox, 2113 brings elements of classic metal, rock and modern stoner groove. Think High n' Dry era Def Leopard but played to a gang of Harley addicts. This is party rock, biker metal, retro stoner dirge with an AC/DC squelch.

It’s hard to pick a favorite song as they all bring a pleasantly familiar tingle. If I had to pick I'd currently go with "Man Like Me" with its mellow groove and catchy bass line.

==Break== (Left Gym, went home kids in bed, hours later cont.)

Put your shades on, flip your hair back, put the pedal to the metal and melt away to the irresistible melody, or if you're a man like me, do all that minus the hair flip and let the wind blow through your receding hair line. From hard rocking anthems to lonely blues ballads, Carousel rock through highs and lows like a carousel ride on acid. "Strange Revelation" revolves slowly and methodically with a somber tone, beefed up with wicked blues-based shreddage and stinging vocals. Just when you think you've had enough, a familiar ring pipes in to close the album down with a cover of Joe Walsh's "Turn to Stone". Let’s give a round of applause for Mr. Walsh! While we’re at it, big clap for Carousel as well as they have constructed a magnificent album with 2113. And now I’m on youtube listening to Joe Walsh. Ha. Literally. Okay back now, gotta wrap this up just like I wrapped my 3 year old up about an hour ago in bed. This old man is getting tired.

If we're still around 98 years from this albums release, our children and their children will have reason to celebrate the moment 2113 is resurrected. Carousel will find a place in your collection whether you’re an old hippy, hair metal revivalist, modern stoner, or basically anyone with an ounce of good taste. The album is due out August 28th on Tee Pee Records. I know I'm on board to grab a vinyl edition. It's a must have folks. Perfect soundtrack for the latter half of summer leading into fall. God damn it's so good. Don’t pass this one up.

-The Huntsman


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Motherslug - S/T

If you like your sludge so steamy and thick that it can suspend humid droplets of dew in midair, have I got a release for you.

The debut album from new heavy label NoSlip Records features the debut long-player from Melbourne Australia's, five-headed monster of doom, Motherslug.  Bringing a low end that can only be measured on the Richter scale, vocals that bubble out of the larynx like a creature from the swamp and guitars that sear through the swampy haze, Motherslug pulled out all the stops on this album.  Inspired by Kyuss, Sabbath, and Electric Wizard amongst others, Motherslug still manage to sound completely like themselves in the crowded world of underground doom.

In essence, everything you need to know about the bands sound is right there in their name.  Motherslug.  Slug referencing the moist and slimy riffs that crawl out of the speakers in no hurry whatsoever.  Merely taking their time to ooze across your eardrums, in no hurry to eat into your brain.  And Mother, because these four guys and one woman simply bring on the mother of all heaviness.

Now, I'm prepared to get flamed for this, but I've never been a fan of Sleep.  Blasphemy, I know.  But for you waveriders who know me, you know I need a little energy in my riffing, I need a fat and thick groove, I need some rock injected into the morass of doom.  And Motherslug do that just fine.  Never losing themselves in a muddle of drudgery and a quagmire of simple thudding, Motherslug keep the melodies and guitar work inspired enough to keep me interested and bring enough pure rock to the sonic sludge to give it a pulse.  They slow it down -- way down-- at times, but never forget that to capture the swamp storm of lighting to fire the monster back to life.

Second cut on side one, "Rollin'" is a perfect example of this.  Earlier in the day, I'd been listening to SuperGiant and their killer album Pistol Star, and I was thinking just how perfectly those boys managed to bring on the fattness without getting trudging.  "Rollin'" is cut from the same sonic cloth.  Heavy as shit, but it's got a groove that keeps the pulse moving.  Cheers to Cyn on bass for anchoring this onslaught, while Cam's vocals gurgle with the perfect tone of throatiness and phlegm.  The midsong breakdown plays with dynamics and hypnotic states enough to give you time to light up another bowl, before the badass groove digs back in.  Simply put , this is a killer cut.

That doesn't mean Motherslug keeps it rockin' all the time.  "Trippin' on Evil" brings in the Sleep influence big time, slowing it all way down to the teutonic pace.  But here it works as a contrast to the more fiery cuts.  I've been to Australia before and don't recall there being any swamps in the Melbourne area, but somehow Motherslug managed to find one.  Or create one in their studio.  A thick, green swamp of humid, dripping riffs. The prolonged, one-note bass solo on Space man, brings to my mind the visual of the swamp creature pulling himself out of the muck and mire and preparing himself to terrorize an unsuspecting hamlet.

NoSlip put out this baby on beautiful translucent wax (the band edition) and two other special editions, and as you can see, the cover art is gorgeous. Overall a great package that no fan of the heavy should pass up.  Cheers to all involved.



Saturday, July 25, 2015

Behold! The Monolith - Architects Of The Void


Crushing, dark, epic. Architects of the Void is a vicious journey through the wastelands and the wilderness of a cursed and forgotten land. With elements of all good things that are heavy, the new release by Behold! The Monolith is a musical battle hammer shattering the skulls of the weak and feeble.

Continuing in true warrior fashion, the LA based quartet were forced to regroup after the tragic death of previous frontman Kevin Mcdade back in 2013. Joined by Jordan Nailey (Vocals) and Jason (Cass) Casanova (Sasquatch) (Bass) Behold! The Monolith will be dropping this 7 song album like a ton of bricks on your unsuspecting face September 29th of 2015.

The album was produced by Billy Anderson who has also produced such greats as High On Fire, The Melvins and Neurosis. The artwork was done by Dusty Peterson (Bloodbath, Six Feet Under, Oceano). The entire album has a great vibe. Very dark and ominous. The vocals can go from a nice “angry growl” all the way to “blood thirsty Demon” like a flip of the switch. Lots of interesting cords and compositions. At a few different points during my listening experience, there were elements that were reminiscent of some classic bands like Enslaved, High On Fire, Neurosis and even a little pinch of Iron Maiden.

All together “Architects of the void” signals the triumphant return of these Iron clad warriors. Pre-order your copy today!


- D2

Friday, July 24, 2015

CRUMBSUCKERS, NOISEY STREAM TWO EARLY RARE RECORDINGS FROM "DEMOS," "LIVE AT CBGB 1984-1985" "Demos," "Basement Tapes," "Live at CBGB 1984-1985" to be released digitally for first time ever on July 24 via Dead City Records

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - Legendary hardcore/thrash/crossover act, Crumbsuckers, has teamed up with Noisey to stream two tracks from the band's upcoming digital releases of early rare recordings, Demos and Live at CBGB 1984-1985. The two albums will release this Friday, along with Basement Tapes, via Dead City Records. Stream "Be Yourself" from Live at CBGB 1984-1985 and "Live to Work" from Demos at: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/crumbsuckers-three-new-lps-of-demo-rare-and-live-tracks. 

Compiled by original singer, Dave Brady, this will be the first time these recordings will be available digitally. All recorded before Brady's departure from the band, Demos features early versions of songs which later appeared on the band's debut album Life of Dreams. Basement Tapes includes early and alternate versions of songs recorded in their rawest form, originally meant for the band's ears only and recorded at various early practice sessions. And finally, Live at CBGB 1984-1985 contains great quality early live recordings from the CBGB's soundboard. Dead City Records is proud to make the tracks available digitally worldwide for the first time.

"Direct from my personal archive of recordings comes the early days of Crumbsuckers material," commented Brady. "These are some of the earliest surviving recordings of the band, and you can hear the progress from our punk rock roots to what would be called the 'crossover' days of the mid-80s. This is the whole enchilada - from basement tapes, to pro demos and some choice early CBGB board recordings." 

Crumbsuckers formed in 1982 in Long Island, N.Y. as a party band covering songs by notable acts such as Minor Threat, Bad Brains and Kraut. The band was best known for the release of the classic and highly influential albums Life of Dreams in 1986 and Beast on my Back in 1998 before disbanding soon after.

Stay tuned for more information on Crumbsuckers and
Demos, Basement Tapes and Live at CBGB 1984-1985, available digitally for the first time ever this week on Dead City Records. 

Crumbsuckers online...

Dead City Records online...

SERPENTS OF SECRECY: Reactivated Southern Doom Pioneers Welcome Al Yeti Bones To The Vocal Position; Full-Length Album Underway

After weeks of auditions, reactivated southern doom bringers, SERPENTS OF SECRECY - featuring ex-Sixty Watt Shaman members, bassist Rev. Jim Forrester (Foghound), drummer Chuck Dukehart III (Foghound) and guitarist Todd Ingram (King Giant) -- are very pleased to welcome current Gypsy Chief Goliaths/former Mighty Nimbus frontman, Al Yeti Bones, to the mic. 

SERPENTS OF SECRECY was initially forged in 2013 but ultimately put on hold while Rev. Jim, Dukehart III, and Ingram participated in the reformation of Sixty Watt Shaman. However, following two years of performances including DesertFest Berlin and London, the increasingly difficult challenges related to schedules and logistics within the Sixty Watt camp led to the revival of SERPENTS OF SECRECY.

Recording of a full-length album is already underway in Baltimore, Maryland at Magpie Cage Studios with J. Robbins (Clutch, Wino, The Sword etc.). The first round of tracking is complete and additional sessions are planned in the coming weeks. "We were working with several candidates and heard some great vocalists but Al's demos had the attack, passion and feel that best matched the music we're writing," said Ingram of the decision to bring in Yeti Bones. "His performances were the first ones where all three of us thought, 'yep, this is our guy.' And his enthusiasm for this project has truly been impressive. He sent us vocal takes less than twenty-four hours after receiving the rough tracks."  

"I couldn't be more excited to be a part of this band," says Yeti Bones. "It's been nearly a decade since I've been involved with anything stateside, and the name SERPENTS OF SECRECY truly spoke to me. Fitting for what we are doing and the road we travel down, which is one that has been relatively silent to the public waiting for the right time to strike by unleashing this beast unto the world."
"The songs cover a lot of ground musically and emotionally," elaborates Forrester of the forthcoming tunes. "Much of the material was written and even recorded in a very despondent atmosphere. So the songs range from a palpable anger and aggression to very somber in tone." "And there are some head nodding, all-consuming anthems in there as well," adds Dukehart III.
SERPENTS OF SECRECY plans to release the album in late 2015/early 2016. Further info to be announced in the coming weeks.

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