Saturday, November 28, 2015

HEADSPACE to release second album 'All That You Fear Is Gone'

Headspace, the band featuring Damian Wilson (Threshold) & Adam Wakeman (Ozzy Osbourne, Snakecharmer), have announced they will release their second album 'All That You Fear Is Gone' on February 26th, 2016. The band, completed by guitarist Pete Rinaldi (Hot Leg) & bassist Lee Pomeroy (It Bites, Steve Hackett), have also announced a new drummer in the shape of Adam Falkner (Babyshambes, Dido, One Eskimo). Adam Wakeman had this to say:

"This album is the first to debut new Drummer Adam Falkner whom Pete Rinaldi and I have toured with a lot in the past. He's a superb player and he really fits with the band's sound and style. He also gets a round in, which is a plus."

Damian Wilson comments on the new album:

"The conforming individual represented in the first album that breaks away, is reflected in All That You Fear Is Gone. Free thinking, fighting against natural grouping, what appears as destructive rebellion is in fact evolution. Written to make the listener think, whilst capturing the ear with complexity and simplicity combined.
Embarking on the second Headspace album I personally had a clear vision, but by the time each band member had thrown in their piece, I thought we had produced an album that was unlistenable to.  As it progressed, the rough edges and corners seemed to settle like a good lasagne. Everyone has their own tastes, but I know this is a bloody good lasagne."
 The band has previously posted video updates from the studio, and you can view those below.

Studio Diary 1: 

Studio Diary 2: 

'All That You Fear Is Gone' is the follow-up to 2012's debut album 'I Am Anonymous' which was described by Prog Magazine as 'one terrifically exciting ride' and by Powerplay as 'a feast for both the ears and the mind.'

Deville release new video for 'Make It Belong To Me' | New album Make It Belong To Us out this Friday on Fuzzorama Records

"Offering clever dynamics and evincing broader emotions to elevate Deville above the mediocre Orange Cabinet-abusing masses out there."

Fuzzorama Records – home to the mighty Truckfighters, We Hunt Buffalo and more – is thrilled to announce the release of Make It Belong To Us, the fourth, and most explosive album yet from Malmö-based rockers Deville.

Well-versed in the ways of brutal melody, for over a decade Deville have built a career out of tight, hard-hitting rock and roll. Brought together in 2004 out of a shared loved for stoner metal and hard fuzz, the band – made up of lead guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson, drummer Markus Nilsson, bass player Markus Åkesson and rhythm guitarist Andreas Wulkan – are no strangers to the power of the weighted riff.

As you will hear on new song ‘Life In Decay’, the chugging, hook-laden guitars, soaring vocal and ambitious progression in song writing has shaped Deville into a leaner, meaner, and ultimately heavier sounding machine. A band that while happy to hold court with the likes of Mastodon, High On Fire and Queens Of The Stone Age, plan to not only stand beside them shoulder to shoulder, but seize the throne from under their noses.

With previous releases on Daredevil Records, Buzzville Records, Heavy Psych Sounds and Small Stone Records, new album Make It Belong To Us will receive an official release on Fuzzorama Records on 13th November 2015.

Andreas Bengtsson – Vocals, Guitars
Markus Nilsson – Drums
Andreas Wulkan – Lead Guitar
Markus Åkesson – Bass
Deville on Web | Facebook | Twitter

Friday, November 27, 2015


Crowbar as co-headliner, more bands to be announced soon

It is with great excitement that we're revealing the second headliner to walk the DESERTFEST LONDON stage next April 29th in Camden, with America's coolest volume dealers CORROSION OF CONFORMITY and no one but their historical frontman Pepper Keenan at the helm! Icing on this greasy cake: their sludgy brothers in arms CROWBAR will co-headline the night, for a "southern special" Friday at Desertfest!
UK's forerunner stoner/doom/psyche gathering DESERTFEST couldn't reach the milestone of their 5th edition without having cult acts on the bill. And who could open this special weekend better than one of America's most inspiring and outstanding bands of musicians in heavy music, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, reuniting with their iconic guitarist and frontman Pepper Keenan (also well-known for founding leading southern metal unit Down). With the recent news of COC's signing on Nuclear Blast Records and recording of a new album due out in the fall of 2016, there is no doubt that this fifth Desertfest London will go down in history!
As previously announced and to make it even more special, NOLA's sludge metal heroes CROWBAR will co-headline the Friday along with COC, bringing their influential slow-and-low sound to the masses. Once again this is a first, as Kirk Windstein and his crew of titans have never played any Desertfest before. A night dedicated to US sludge and rock heavyweights! 

April 29th to May 1st in Camden, London (UK)
Weekend tickets available AT THIS LOCATION
Current lineup is as follows:
Get more infos on the Desertfest website 
Follow the festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

ISAAK: Genova's badass rockers to unleash new LP "Sermonize" on Heavy Psych Sounds

ISAAK are back with their testosteroned-as-fuck new LP "Sermonize", due out November 27 on Heavy Psych Sounds

If you like your rawk badass, heavy and hairy, then you'll probably exult about the great return of Italy's raddest stoner rockers ISAAK. With their second album to date, the Genova-based four piece is up to no good, so don't expect to be treated cautiously: "Sermonize" is set to break down the front door this November 27.
"If you cross Genova's narrow streets looking at people in the eyes, and reach the port and the sea, then you will understand our sound”. Leaning against their van ready for the next show, this is how ISAAK introduce theirselves in a few words. Just like their straight, powerful and uncompromising music.
Born from the ashes of Italian heavy rock four-piece Gandhi's Gunn, it didn't take long before ISAAK signed a worldwide deal on US label Small Stone Records, who reissued their ass-kicking debut “The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound” in June 2013. Inspired by the big ass riffages and raw energy of leading heavy rock outfits such as Clutch, Orange Goblin or Torche, ISAAK have the knack for assembling the heaviest-sounding licks with a rip-roaring attitude that can only make you raise a fist up in the air while rocking out in the pit.
With a freshly signed deal on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, ISAAK are set to release their sophomore album "Sermonize" for a vinyl release, followed by a CD release in the beginning of 2016 on Small Stone Records. 
ISAAK - New album "Sermonize" - VINYL RELEASE ONLY
Out this November 27th on Heavy Psych Sounds 
Pre-orders from November 13th at this location

1. Whore Horse
2. The Peak
3. Fountainhead
4. Almonds & Glasses
5. Soar
6. Showdown
7. Yeah (Kyuss)
8. Lucifer's Roar (White Ash)
9. Lesson N.1
10. The Frown Reloaded
11. The Phil S. Theorem
12. Sermonize
Giacomo H Boeddu - Vocals
Andrea Tabbi De Bernardi - Drums & Vocals 
Francesco Raimondi - Guitars
Gabriele Carta - Bass

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Burn Thee Insects – Droid Intelligence

Do we have any Alice in Chains fans riding the Ripple pipeline? Of course we do, and today we have a treat for you with the latest offering by Burn Thee Insects who are signed by our friends over at Twin Earth Records. Imagine AIC with the distortion dial turned up to fuzzalicious maximus level.

'Hydroponics' kicks the ride off with a bass line as fuzzy as a swarm of bumblebees buzzing a Truckfighters set.  Staley swoons swoop in and join the attack inducing paranoia like indoor ganja hung out to dry. What follows is a plume of raucous riffs and grooves billowing like burning insects on a sizzling hot hibachi. Burn Thee Insects right?

Irresistibly dark and spacey harmony clouds the path on an intergalactic desert voyage. Moments of face melting dirge slather the atmosphere as the demented droid-rage vocal howls grace the starship speakers on their way to Twin Earth. Poppy licks smothered with Drop-B tuning and drooling with head bobbing rhythm, circle like hippies in a gluten pit. The album has a good mixture of hot and heavy hitters to low and slow burners. Elements of 90’s grunge permeate with an avant-garde experimental state while maintaining an easily accessible groove with acoustics included at no extra charge. QOTSA-esque quirks abound as the 3-piece takes what their EP proved to the next level of weird. Produced/Recorded (as a 2-piece) by the up and coming talent named Chris Hughes out of Berkley, CA, the value will pique the production snobs ears into disbelief. The space factor is high, the fuzz runs deep, the effects are staggering and the overall impression is lasting throughout each and every song. Droid Intelligence will have you begging for breath as the weight of the tripped out fuzz buries your brain with venomous riffs and eccentric groove. Don't say we didn't warn you. Twin Earth Records has reared its ugly orbit with yet another addition to its doom laden roster.

1.       Hydroponics

2.       Concrete Pillow (Pretty Comfortable)

3.       A Dinner With Fontaine

4.       Distorted Seclusion

5.       Through the Fog

6.       Slow Cookin’

7.       An Insignificant Planet of Yellow

8.       A Perscription To Burn

9.       A Swarm of Bees

-The Huntsman

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Salem's Pot share "The Vampire Strikes Back" EP on RidingEasy Records

Limited 7" vinyl available for pre-order HERE.

Hear & share "The Vampire Strikes Back" EP HERE.
Swedish hook-heavy band Salem's Pot share a new 3-track EP "The Vampire Strikes Back" today via RidingEasy Records. The EP is released digitally for Halloween, and a 2-track limited edition 7" record is available for pre-order now HERE

Listen to and share "The Vampire Strikes Back" EP via Soundcloud HERE

The 7" is available as a test pressing, or on clear vinyl and black vinyl in limited quantities. The 3-song digital EP includes both the 7" version and 7:28 minute full version of "The Vampire Strikes Back" along with a cover of Dead Moon's classic "Graveyard."
Artist: Salem's Pot
Album: The Vampire Strikes Back
Label: RidingEasy Records
Release Date: October 31, 2015

01. The Vampire Strikes Back (7" version)
02. The Vampire Strikes Back (Full Version)
03. Graveyard

On The Web:

Blackwülf Record Release Party is Coming!

Mark your calendars for the Blackwülf record release party on December 4th at the Bottom of the Hill! Come get your hands on an advance copy of "Oblivion Cycle" on Ripple Music. It is going to be a kick ass night of heavy rock featuring some Blackwülf favorites. See below for details.

Friday, Dec. 4

@ Bottom of the Hill
in San Francisco

Be sure you don't miss the "Oblivion Cycle" record release party. Blackwülf has put together a line-up of our awesome labelmates and friends and will be taking over the Bottom of the Hill for a night of revelry. The boys from Ripple Music will be on hand to M.C. the night and ensure a few surprises for you.
Show starts at 8:30pm - (event page)

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